Khan 2009 uk

The “Khan 2009” Pécharmant of 2009, aged in oak barrel. The method and the recipes of our ancestors… Our Vintage wine wears the name of a star. This symbolism was chosen to illustrate the requirement of our teams : Oenologist, cellar master, farm labourers all worked to give it the best so that he shines in the firmament. About the star Khan of this vintage 2009: ” khan possesses a mass estimated at 20 solar masses and a luminosity amounts in 65 000 times that of the Sun. Zeta Ophiuchi is a star of the constellation of Ophiuchu “.
Very beautiful steady purple color of a strong intensity. A first vanilla nose, then spices, red berries and notes of dark chocolate. The mouth is powerful. The volume is exceptional. A very beautiful taste of sugar coats the tannins which are silky and elegant.

Award :Prix Vinalies 2104;


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