History and traditions

In South West France, high on the slopes of the Dordogne, Château la Tilleraie is one of the emblematic properties of “purple” Périgord. Overlooking the town of Bergerac, the 35-hectare estate is heir to a thousand-year-old tradition: vine growing. Renovated since 2012 by Christian Bègue and Nathalie Barraud, the Château has diversified by opening its facilities to private or business events.

The land


« Proud of our terroir, passionate about our work, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise in producing Pécharmant wines. » Christian Bègue

« Pécharmant: international, age-old success. » The estate is among some thirty viticultural properties in Pécharmant, the « appellation d’origine protégée » set over 420 hectares on the northern banks of the Dordogne. More understated and lesser-known than its neighbours of Bergerac, Monbazillac and Duras, Pécharmant takes its name from the word Pech – “flat, raised place” in Occitan – and means “ the charming hill ”. This is the place where, between the 11th and 12th centuries, the oldest vine-growing region in Bergerac was born, when the monks of the Saint-Martin de Bergerac monastery prepared for the northern “vinée” (harvest of wine). It was recognised as an AOC in 1946. 

Château La Tilleraie's wines

At the origins of the Château, vines, of course, but also a mission: to produce the best wines of the area and to honour the appellations that are present here. Our “Vintage cuvée” alone expresses this idea.

Pécharmant, Monbazillac, red wines, vintage cuvées, rosés, dry and sweet white wines, crémant, the range is increasingly better every year. 

Staying at the Castle

"Au Château"

For your events, your holidays, while travelling…

Hermitage Suites

Available by the night, for short stays, by the week…


Soon : The charm of Bagatelle for all types of stays…


Wine tourism

private functions


Seminars, receptions, weddings… “Entertaining well is a state of mind and a pleasure that we all enjoy sharing”



The suites and the bedrooms, in the Castle, in the cellar, have been designed to make sure that “La Tilleraie” shows us the best of its own, every day.


 tel :+33 05 53 57 86 42


Lundi – Samedi: 9:00 – 18:00

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“Entertaining well is a state of mind and a pleasure that we want to share.


A vélo !

  • Parcours dans le vignoble (et au-delà) avec nos vélos électriques
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  • petit déjeuner
  • Visite des chais commentée
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Pâques au Château

  • 2 nuits dans une des suites des hébergements du château.
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Visites des chais et dégustation charcuteries et fromages
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Early Booking !

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