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Wine making in amphorae

Vinification in amphorae: a method as old as the world!

In short !

In amphoras?

The origins of this traditional method of wine making, the advantages...

A biodynamic process

Used by the Romans with their amphorae called “Dolia”, it is among the Georgians, about 6000 years ago, that we find the first known use of wine making in amphorae. A proven method which is of interest to us since these winegrowers from another age did not hesitate to use amphorae with a capacity of up to 3,000 liters which they buried in the ground, the famous “Qvevris”.

The wines vinified in amphoras are nothing like those vinified in oak barrels. The result is extraordinary (in the true sense of the word).
Let’s see why:

We are in a biodynamic approach, in fact, we do not intervene in the winemaking process. No external contribution, no input, no correction of any kind. Here, nature acts naturally: the terracotta is porous and allows a regular oxygenation. It brings no taste, no smell, no woodiness as oak barrels do.

What are the advantages?
– A quasi-constant temperature for the fermentation and the maturation of the wine, whatever the season (there are only a few degrees between summer and winter). No heating or cooling system is necessary.
– Finally, it is a totally natural fermentation of the wine.

According to the oenologists, the wines from the amphorae are very “straight”. They also gain in vivacity, aromatic finesse and length. The purity of the wines and their crystalline aspect are also often cited.

When you come to Château La Tilleraie, don’t hesitate to ask us questions. 7 amphorae are displayed in our cellar. They are waiting for you.


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