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« Wines of character aged in oak barrels. »

Only a vin de garde (or wine for laying down) can stand up to barrel ageing. Barrel ageing for one to two years – during which the wine is allowed to mature – is used in the vinification of grands crus classés. This is the chosen technique of Château la Tilleraie in producing its cuvées. The use of oak barrels has become essential in both the production and ageing of the very best wines. Oak barrels, which lend an “oaked” character to wines, alter the aromas of the product through the aromatic components found in the wood. Keeping a wine in barrels allows it to open up as it slowly evolves. Ageing in new barrels also helps extract components of the wood which provide the subtle, often vanilla-like flavours that are so characteristic of our Pécharmant wines


Vintage Red wines

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Stella cuvée vintage 2018

Série vintage. Des vins étoilés.

Alya Cuvée vintage 2013

Cuvée vintage

red wines

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Château La Tilleraie- Pécharmant

Médaille d'or 2020 VinaliesLyon

Bergerac 2014



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Rosette 2018

Un vin moelleux, subtil et équilibré.



Bergerac Rosé

le vin de nos étés

VINTAGE SIGNATURE traditional method

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our honeY

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Miel Caresse Tilleul

Miel de Fleur des champs ou Tilleul.


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